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Looking for a true size queen

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Married military guy looking for a Looking for a true size queen Military female for chat m4w Maybe more, but I'm busier than hell, it seems like, so friendly chat first. Let's chat on me for my name Unhappy separated women Just got home from the bar and waiting to give someone a blowjob. Im kind of a girly girl treu im looking for the same. Spiritual Sexual Soze I'm a 39 year old white male, fit body, DD free, attractive. Clean conversation, great sense of humor.

Name: Lauretta
Age: 26
City: Toronto
Hair: Soft
Relation Type: Looking 4 A Horny Little Latina
Seeking: I Am Look Men
Relationship Status: Newlyweds

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Being gay has led me to some great times.

I never new that I was a size queen until a buddy of mine turned me on to the Looking for a true size queen of huge dicks. We were just sitting around one evening talking and comparing stories of sex we had.

He told me that he had been with a black man recently and enjoyed having his big black cock fucking him.

He said that most black men are better lovers and sise I should try it at least once. Being a bit on the shy side and not to sure on where to go to try and find a black lover he told me about a club I might try.

Looking for a true size queen Seeking Man

I took the address from him and began my search for the black man that would change the way I felt forever. I went to the club on a Friday night a bit nervous and shy sat in a corner and watched as guys were dancing and having a great time.

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I ordered a double whiskey and coke and a couple of shooters and sat watching as the club began filling. Not real sure on how to approach and ask a black guy if he was a good lover or well hung I just sat nervously trying to work up the courage to start crusing the club for a stud, when I felt a tap on the shoulder and turned to look and there before me was a tall black man.

Looking for a true size queen put out his hand to shake mine and he had the biggest hand I have ever seen.

We Spoke to Size Queens About Why They Prefer Big Dicks - VICE

I must have looked nervous because he asked me if this was my first time in a gay club. I told him no I had been to other clubs but this was the first to this club.

He Lookibg if he could sit and have a drink with me and I said it would be my pleasure and he just smiled and sat down. He asked if I liked black men and told him that I had never had sex with a black man and told him what my friend had said. He said he couldn't talk about all black men but that he was gifted trie loved to be with white guys. He said his gift was not always a good thing as many guys were scared off by his Looking for a true size queen cock.

I just blurted out I sure wouldn't be scared and just like that I was Looking for a true size queen experience something awesome. He told me that he had came quene the club with a fried and wouldn't feel right leaving him there alone so I suggested that the three of us go Wives seeking sex Miami Springs to his place ofr have a little party.

He said that sounded great and set out to look for his buddy and I downed a few more drinks and started to feel a lot horny.

He returned with his friend who was also a tall black man and introduced us telling his buddy that I wasn't afraid of the big black man and wanted to party the rtue of them. Just like that this little white boy had picked up two gorgeous black men.

I'm A Size Queen & I Won't Apologize For Liking Big Penises

We hailed a cab and off we went to the party of my life. I was really getting excited with the thoughts of being naked with these two hunks that I could hardly stand it.

We finally got to the house and went in, once inside things moved real fast. I Lolking told to get on my knees and close my eyes and I would get my special gift I did what I was told and when I opened Looking for a true size queen eyes there were two huge black cocks just inches from my lips.

Podcast – Size Queen Love

I was shocked at the size of these guys and they were both grabbing at my head wanting mt to suck on them. My new friend must of had at least 12 inches of soft cock and his friend was a bit shorter but thicker.

I took the big guy into my mouth and started to work him over real good and couldn't believe how easily I was able to deep throat him. Not wanting to leave his buddy out I worked back and fourth on those big black cocks until they were both rock hard and 12 inches Looking for a true size queen now at least 14 and Loo,ing thick one as 12 inches but at least 9 inches in girth.

size queen - Wiktionary

I was having a great time with these two hung studs as they picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. There in the bedroom was a big screen T.

Also hanging from the ceiling was a sling something I had often thought about. Things were really starting to get exciting me with two huge black cocks a video camera and Looking for a true size queen fuck swing, they asked if it would be ok to film our little party and I could watch it on the big screen as it was happening at this point I would have agreed to almost anything all I wanted is to suck and fuck these two guys now.

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I got Looking for a true size queen ky lube off the dresser and put a glob on that 14 incher and climbed on for the ride of my life. I took all of that monster cock up my ass in one full sweep and felt like I was being ripped in two, I kept riding until it was going in and out of Housewives want sex tonight Westminster South Carolina ass with no Looking for a true size queen and now I was feeling total pleasure, I rode his big cock hard and fast and sucked on the thick one as he fro shoving more of his meat fof my hungry greedy mouth, looking over on w big screen was a turn on like I have never experienced before watching that 14 inch cock disappearing up into my ass and having my face filled with 12 inches was totally awesome.

We fucked like this for awhile changing positions many times and then it was time to try out the swing.

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I laid on my back in the swing they repositioned the camera and each took up there position one at my ass the other at my mouth and they precided to bang the fuck out of me I was having my ass stuffed to the max and eating a huge cock and loving every minute of it hoping it wouldn't end to soon and it didn't they kept Looking for a true size queen me for the whole night switching back and forth.

We took time between cums to rest and shower but went back to Pittsburgh single seeks future ex bedroom and they fucked me until the sun came up. Exhausted we fell asleep with a big cock in my ass and one in my mouth and slept all day long to awake to two raging hardons and stared all over again and they said I was one hot white guy who knows quedn to Looking for a true size queen big black cock and asked if they could invite some of there friends Lookkng for gang bang and I accepted and by an hour later I was surrounded by 8 of the biggest black cocks imaginable and they gang banged me for hours on end.

Wanting Sex Tonight Looking for a true size queen

I get to go over to there house at least twice a month for a gang bang and love having those beautiful black men take me hard and long all night long. This is how I became a size queen, and believe me black men are bigger quden better lovers.

I became so accustomed to being asked “Is it true what they say about black men ? Although I'm not a size queen myself, I do appreciate a certain amount . If you are looking for a chance at a happy, healthy life as a gay or. If you're a size queen and think bigger is better, you should be heading to these glorious places in the world where you can find the biggest. I never new that I was a size queen until a buddy of mine turned me on to the tap on the shoulder and turned to look and there before me was a tall black man.

qqueen So I will continue to search for hugely hung black men and give them the suck and fuck they deserve. Parental controls: A Gay Sex. Bisexual Stories.

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